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     The cleaners were hardworking professionals and CambridgeHeathCarpetCleaners were pleasant to deal with. I'm so glad I came across this company when I did.
Nancy T19/05/2020
     I was asked to watch my brother and the flat as my parents needed to go out of town. I got caught up one night at work and my 17-year-old brother decided to invite some mates over. They made a massive mess. My parents were due home the next day. I called this cleaning company and set up an appointment for the next morning, just a few hours before my parents landed. Luckily, these cleaners know what they are doing. They got it looking as if nothing happened, spotless! They did not overcharge like some of the other cleaning services. Thanks so much!
Erica Harland19/09/2019
     The only service I use to clean my home is Carpet Cleaning Services Cambridge Heath. Try their house cleaning service once and see why!!
Jake Hurt25/04/2017
     I was really impressed with the way my house cleaner from Cambridge Heath Carpet Cleaning Company was working! She was very quick and cleaned everything I wanted her to in no time! I'm thinking to hire a regular cleaner from this company as their prices are very good too. Amazing help!
Will G.07/12/2016
      Carpet Cleaning Services Cambridge Heath have been cleaning my office for 6 months and do a fabulous job. The cleaners are competent and hard working and do a general tidy up every day, but if I need extra help they are happy to oblige. The service is affordable and I can trust them to deal with the task so that I can get on with other things.
Brenda Russell13/01/2016
     I have always hated cleaning my house but some of my rugs were too badly affected for me to ignore. Dirt, crumbs and hair had all stuck to them and so I had to take action. I called Carpet Cleaner Cambridge Heath because I knew they could do the rug cleaning for me and give me a great result. They washed and wiped the rugs until they were spotless, leaving me with rugs that looked better than ever.
Sheila Welsh27/05/2015
     The cleaner that turned up from CambridgeHeathCarpetCleaners was so good I felt like adopting her! Talk about hard-working! Friendly and polite as well, what more could you ask for. I specifically asked her for her again and she is the cleaner I have had apart from one occasion. Even then the other cleaner I got one time was just as good in many ways. I think they must have a good training program or something because they are by far the best cleaners I have had and, trust me, I have had quite a few in my time. In terms of price alone this company is also highly recommended.
     Running your own office can be really tiring and stressful, but working in a messy or dirty office is absolutely unbearable. I wanted to make sure that my employees were working in as sanitary environment as possible, but lots of the office cleaning companies I trialled just weren't able to deliver the results I was looking for. I tried CambridgeHeathCarpetCleaners's office cleaning service and the results were fantastic. My office always looks incredibly clean now and my employees are more than happy with the job the cleaners do. It's a speedy and unobtrusive service that doesn't get in the way to day-to-day office life. Would recommend to anyone!
Charlotte T.08/07/2014
     My wife was in the hospital getting ready to have her appendix removed. As a surprise, I thought I'd get the house cleaned A to Z and get all the carpets cleaned. I called CambridgeHeathCarpetCleaners, who offered both home and carpet cleaning services. They did an amazing job and even managed to do it all before my wife was back home. She was very surprised and pleased at the same time. When the invoice came through the letter box I was even more pleased to see that there were no hidden charges - the price was as discussed before the job was carried out.
James R.27/03/2014

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